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Commit your work to the Lord, and it will succeed

-Proverbs 16:3

My daughter brought me a bouquet of flowers recently and informed me she'd picked it herself. I told her I was very grateful for the thoughtful gift, and encouraged her to find something to put them in, which she happily scampered off to do. 

As most parents can likely guess, the flowers in question were dandelions. Commonplace, invasive, difficult to get rid of, "weeds." But she didn't see them that way. She saw beauty. And she offered that beauty to me as a gift. Normally I'd try to write some profound reflection about this gift, how it made me feel, and the spiritual lesson to be found therein, but I'm not going to do that this month. Because someone else already has. So I'm just going to share it instead. Here are the lyrics to "Dandelions" by Five Iron Frenzy.

In a field of yellow flowers underneath the sun,

Bluest eyes that spark with lightning, boy with shoes undone.

He is young, so full of hope, reveling in tiny dreams,

Filling up his arms with flowers, right for giving any queen.

Running to her, beaming bright, while cradling his prize.

A flickering of yellow light within his mother's eyes.

She holds them to her heart, keeping them where they'll be safe,

clasped within her very marrow, dandelions in a vase.

She sees love where anyone else would see weeds.

All hope is found, here is everything he needs.

Fathomless, your endless mercy, weight I could not lift.

Where do I fit in this puzzle, what good are these gifts?

Not a martyr or a saint, scarcely can I struggle through,

All that I have ever wanted was to give my best to you.

Lord search my heart, create in me something clean.

Dandelions; you see flowers in these weeds.

Gently lifting hands to heaven. Softened by the sweetest hush.

A father sings over his children loving them so very much.

More than words could warrant, deeper than the darkest blue.

More than sacrifice could merit, Lord I give my heart to you.

Lord search my heart, create in me something clean.

Dandelions; you see flowers in these weeds.


Pastor Shea

Our mission: Loving God. Loving People. Loving Life.  Whoever you are, wherever your journey has taken you, rest assured you will be loved and valued at Theresa Presbyterian.  We reach out, help each other and all of God’s children in our community and around the world.

A summer outing for all VBS Volunteers and the church congregation (and their families) will be held on Sunday, August 7, 2022 at 12 Noon (rain or shine in a large tent) at the home of Kim Martusewicz (32155 Cottage Hill Rd, Redwood, NY 13679) on Lake of the Woods.

 Pulled pork and chicken barbeque (with place settings) will be provided. Guests are asked to bring a salad, dessert or other dish to pass and their own beverage if they wish (other than water, coffee or lemonade, which will be provided).

 There will be volleyball, basketball, cornhole, board games and swimming available. Guests are asked to bring their swim suit, life jacket (if needed) and towel.

There will be a sign-up sheet in church and guests are asked to sign up or contact Kim by July 25, 2022 so we can get an accurate head count for food purchases. His phone number (for voice or text) is: 315-778-2600 and his email address is:

    Pre-register starting June 1, 2022.  or 

Monumental - Celebrating God’s Greatness

Vacation Bible School. 

When:  August 1-5, 2022.  8:30am-11:30am

Where: Theresa Presbyterian Church

             117 Riverside Ave. Theresa, NY

Adult Leaders:

Baili Leuze -          Director

Kyerra Stanley -    Youth Leader

Ryan Schneider -  Cinema

Suzanne Stanley/CadanceStephenson                     

                                   Bible Adventures

Linda McMahon -  Games

Megan Carmon -   Crafts

Brianna Berry/Nancy Bauman - Snacks

Brooke Gutowski - Preschool

Lisa O’Driscoll -     Registration  

We will be collecting school supplies again this year to give to children in the Theresa Community and surrounding communities. 

**If you are interested in helping contact Baili Leuze 315-777-2239 or Lisa O’Driscoll 315-778-2236 or Kyerra Stanley 315-804-7945**

Children’s Church will continue on….

Who:   Children ages 3-18          

What:  Children's’ Church Learning more about  

             God, Jesus, and the Bible

When: Right after the Children’s Message during 


Why:   For children to build their faith at their learning 

            level and for parents to be able to listen and   

            concentrate on the pastor’s sermon and walk 

            away with a message for the week.

Leaders: Baili Leuze and Lisa O’Driscoll 

Gates Presbyterian Church is coming to join MINC in a service project in the Theresa area and will be staying at the church.  They will arrive Sunday, July 24th and leave Friday, July 29th.  The group will be staying at the manse. If you would like to bring a special treat for the group, please do! 


5: Mike Trickey; Kevin Rinek

10: Daryl Marsh

15:Brenda Bretsch

17: Carolina Burnard

18: John O’Driscoll; Sylvia     

       Bush; Swede Lynch

23: Susan Gonzalez

25: Marie Beerman

29: Robert Curtis


1: Debbie Lynch

3: Sadie Mae Lapp;   

     Rees Lynch

5: Judy Willis

10: Kyerra Stanley

15: Grace West

19: Eva Pease

21: Lainey Gutowski

26: Michaela Loar

2022 PER CAPITA     The annual Per Capita Assessment is based on the membership reported by each church. The 2022 Per Capita fee for our Presbytery has been confirmed at $31.00. Each per capita payment is divided, with $8.95 for General Assembly, $4.10 for the Synod of the North East, and $16.95 going to the Presbytery of Northern New York.  Please send your Per Capita to Theresa Presbyterian Church PO Box 309 Theresa, NY 13691.  Thank you to members who have paid their $31 dollars. 

If, you know anyone who would like to be on our mailing list please send the information to: Lisa O’Driscoll - mailing address: 45043 Harris Road, Redwood, NY 13679   email: 

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