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Session Minutes June 19, 2023


Theresa Presbyterian Church

 Session Meeting June 19, 2023

Held in the Fellowship Hall 

Present: Michelle Trickey, Patti LaClair, Kim Martusewicz, Suzanne Stanley, and Moderator Rev. Shea Zellweger

Absent: Anne Eggleston, Lisa O’Driscoll, Reginald Stanley

*Rev. Shea Zellweger opened the meeting with prayer at 5:55 pm

Covenant of Leadership

Approval of the Minutes:  

*The minutes from the regular session meeting May 15, 2023 -  M-Patti LaClair/S-Michelle Trickey/A

Clerk’s Report: 

Communion:  28 people received Communion on Sunday, June 4, 2023. 35 people in attendance. There were no gains or losses.

Moderator’s Report (Including Presbytery News, if any):   

Pastor Shea stated that the June Presbytery meeting was uneventful. All meetings will be held in Potsdam as it is centrally located. All meetings will also be hybrid. The Transition Team has interviewed a few people from church about the history of the church.


*Lisa O’Driscoll is working on the Summer Newsletter and Calendar.

Financial Report:

*Report from Patti - Things that need to be voted on are in the new business section of the agenda. There have been no other major changes with the finances from last month.

Buildings and Grounds Committee:

Report from Anne - John O’Driscoll fixed the level attachment on a toilet in the women’s bathroom that was broken. Becky Crego is doing a thorough job cleaning!  The church looks very nice.  Thanks to Dave Wilcox for volunteering to mow church grounds.  Manse yard looks very nice also thanks to John Middlestate.


*Report from Michelle - Michelle has taken over Proclaim and it is going well. The choir will take a break for the summer.

Christian Education:

*Report from Lisa - Lisa O’Driscoll applied for a grant from First Presbyterian Church in Watertown for Vacation Bible School.  The grant was awarded in the amount of $1500.00.  A thank you card was sent.

Mission Outreach Committee:

*Report from Suzanne - Nothing at this time.

*Theresa Literacy Walk went very well. It was held inside the gym at Theresa Primary School due to the weather. We had approximately 100 children.

*Lunches for VBS-Suzanne Stanley’s sister will be purchasing all of the lunches for Vacation Bible School.

M-Michelle Trickey/S-Kim Martusewicz/A all reports

Old Business: 

*Discussions of ways to improve/increase communication within the church.  Session minutes are being put on the website and posted outside Pastor Shea’s door. The breakfast on Sunday, June 18 was very well received. Thank you to Kim Martusewicz.

*On a motion by Michelle Trickey, seconded by Suzanne Stanley it was approved that the Transitions Team hold a Town Hall Meeting with a Pot Luck Dinner at Church on Thursday, July 27, 2023 @ 6:00 pm.

*Per Capita - The annual Per Capita Assessment is based on the membership of the Church. The Church has to pay the per capita of each active member of the church. If you would like to defray the cost of Per Capita to the church, it is much appreciated.

New Business:

*On a motion by Kim Martusewicz, seconded by Suzanne Stanley to purchase the Software for finances: Webroot (Antivirus) $17 through Techsoup, Microsoft 365 (Office Personal) $75 personal edition through Best Buy, and Quickbooks (Accounting) through Techsoup for $75 for the cost of $167.  The cost is 12 months per program.

 *On a motion by Kim Martusewicz, seconded by Michelle Trickey, Session approved the finance committee to sign the lock-in contract with Philly Fuels 7/1/23-4/30/24 @ $2.19 per gallon for the Church and Manse. The price includes a $.10/gallon discount given to Churches. It is estimated the average cost of fuel oil for this same time period will be $4.25/gallon.

*On a motion by Kim Martusewicz, seconded by Michelle Trickey, Session approved the finance committee to sign the budget contract.

*Philly Fuels budget plans

*Church - Due to the prepaid credit balance on our account, lower propane and fuel oil gallon unit costs and the prior periods' usage - our monthly budget amount will be $600/month.

*Manse - Due to the continued vacancy of the Manse and the lower propane unit cost, our monthly budget will be $175/month. I requested that our prepaid credit balance of approx. $1,900 be returned to us.

*On a motion by Suzanne Stanley, seconded by Michelle Trickey, the July 16, 2023 church session will be held at the home of Kim Martusewicz @ 12:00 noon combined with the Hammond Presbyterian Church. The October 1, 2023 service will be held at the Hammond Presbyterian Church with a combined Choir.

*The Bicentennial of Theresa Presbyterian Church will be May 9, 2025. A planning committee will be being put together soon to start planning for the Bicentennial. The date of the ceremony could be May 4 or 11, 2025.

Next Session Meeting:  

On a motion by Michelle Trickey, seconded by Suzanne Stanley, the regular Session meeting will be August 21, 2023 at 6:00pm.

Motion to pray and adjourn M-Michelle Trickey/S-Suzanne Stanley/A

Suzanne Stanley closed with prayer at 7:03 pm

Respectfully submitted by

Patti LaClair-Ruling Elder of Session

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