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December 18, 2023 Session Minutes


Theresa Presbyterian Church

 Session Meeting Minutes

December 18, 2023

Held via Teams 

Present: Michelle Trickey, Patti LaClair, Kim Martusewicz, Reginald Stanley and Moderator Rev. Shea Zellweger

Absent: Anne Eggleston, Suzanne Stanley

*Rev. Shea Zellweger opened the meeting with prayer at 6:02 pm

Covenant of Leadership

Approval of the Minutes:  

  • The minutes from the regular session meeting November 20, 2023 – M-Michelle Trickey/S-Reginald Stanley/A

Clerk’s Report: 

  • Communion:  18 Theresa Presbyterian people received Communion on Sunday, December 3, 2023. There were 21 people in attendance. There were no gains or losses.

Moderator’s Report (Including Presbytery News, if any):   

  • I performed the funeral for Brenon Crowder, assisted the transition team in planning a transition gathering regarding the church's mission, and had a number of visits with church members in the month of November.
  • There has been a special meeting of the Presbytery called for 12/19 to elect commissioners to the General Assembly.


  • There was no correspondence to report

Financial Report:

  • Report from Patti – see attached report. - M-Michelle Trickey/S-Reginald Stanley/A

 Buildings and Grounds Committee:

  • No report.


  • Report from Michelle – Michelle Trickey is leading service for December 31, 2023. Michelle will work with Rev. Shea for some ideas for service.

Christian Education:

  • No Report

Mission Outreach Committee:

  • In the absence of Suzanne, Michelle let everyone know the Blessing Boxes would be distributed on Thursday, December 21, 2023.

Approval of All Reports - M-Michelle Trickey/S-Reginald Stanley/A

Old Business: 

  • Kim Martusewicz reported on the Nominating Committee Meeting held on December 5, 2023. The committee is proposing the following for the vacant positions: Anne Eggleston and Patti LaClair agreed to fill the two 3-year terms (2024-2027); Karen Hegaman is being nominated to fill the remaining 2-year vacancy that began in 2023. (2024-2026). M-Michelle Trickey/S-Regionald/A approve the Nominating Committee Report
  • The Nominating Committee for 2024 will be Sylvia Bush, Cheri Trickey and Kim Martusewicz.
  • A conversation took place about a Clerk of Session and the duties of Clerk of Session. The question was asked if the Clerk of Session could be a Clerk from another church. Rev. Shea did not think it could be another person from another church, but said he would check into it if we cannot find a Clerk of Session.

New Business:

  • M-Michelle Trickey/S-Reginald Stanley to move ahead with posting for an administrative assistant for 15-20 hours per week. After a conversation about the position, Michelle withdrew her motion. Session will have a discussion with the congregation at the Annual Meeting to discuss an Administrative Assistant position 5-10 hours per week.
  • Session is recommending to the Transition Team that the Annual Meeting take place on Tuesday, January 30, along with the Transition Meeting.

Next Session Meeting:  

  • M-Michelle Trickey/S-Reginald Stanley/A, the regular Session meeting will be January 15, 2024, virtually at 6:00 pm.
  • Motion to pray and adjourn M-Michelle Trickey/S-Reginald Stanley/A
  • Michelle Trickey closed with prayer at 6:50 pm

Respectfully submitted by

Patti LaClair-Clerk of Session Pro Tem

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